Perfume robberies in Velez-Malaga

An organised crime band has been hitting perfume shops in Velez-Malaga.

Thieves have stolen €200,000 worth of goods from four shops in just one month. 


An organised crime band has been unrelentingly hitting perfume shops in Velez-Malaga and Rincon de la Victoria; they have managed to get away with items to the value of €200,000 in only one month.

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All the robberies have the same hallmark: several men wearing balaclava helmets cave in the shop-window with sledge hammers and take everything they can get their hands on – they specialise in perfume shops.

The first of these robberies happened in late February when, in less than five minutes, they got away with €60,000 worth of perfume and handbags in a shop in Antequera.

The other three robberies happened just days apart in Velez-Malaga, where they got away with €30,000 worth in just three minutes, and Rincon de la Victoria where they hit two different establishments.

Police spokespeople have commented that it is very difficult to catch them as they only spend minutes in the shops and by the time the police arrive, the thieves are long gone.



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