Almeria man ‘offers €10,000 to rob mother’s bar’

The incident occured in the city of Almeria.

Police are investigating an armed robber’s claims that he was offered €10,000 by a man to rob his mother’s bar.


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Almeria National Police have arrested two individuals suspected of a crime of robbery with violence and intimidation.

The police were called to a bar on Calleterra Mami in Almeria city around 11pm on Monday April 7.

According to Police, a call was made stating an armed man had beaten and tied up the owner of the establishment and was holding the owner and son at gunpoint.

Police arrived quickly and assisted the victims who stated that the aggressor had fled. Police quickly found and apprehended the gunman in nearby Calle Menta.

However, at the time of his arrest the assailant told the agents that the son of the owner of the premises had convinced him to commit the robbery.

He then accompanied the police to nearby bushes where he surrendered a sports bag containing a shotgun, a large knife, a balaclava, a pair of gloves and four cartridges.

The assailant claimed to be hired by the bar owner’s son to commit the robbery in exchange for €10,000.

After further investigation, police learned that the gun used by the robber was stolen in 2004 in Girona.

The investigation also showed that the son of the abused woman had contacted the assailant just before the incident.

He used the Whatsapp application on his smartphone to indicate a time for the assailant to enter, in order to avoid customers, and to facilitate the robbery of cash.


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