Prince George’s first public play date

Prince George, pictured here with his parents, seemd to enjoy his play date. Photo: Cordon Press.

Prince George’s first public play date has taken place during the family’s royal tour of Australia and New Zealand.


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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son was described as “advanced for his age”, with fellow parents saying he acted like he “owned the place” at his first play date.

During the 30-minute gathering of mothers, fathers and their young children in Wellington, New Zealand, George managed to make one little girl cry and brazenly snatched a toy from another.

It was the Duchess’ first public engagement with her son. Kate chatted with fellow parents, saying that it was the largest gathering of children George has so far experienced.

Prince George, who was excitable and lively during the play date, played with other young children and seemed interested and curious about his surroundings.  

The Prince, who is eight-months old and teething, chewed on toys and crawled around with 10 other children at Government House.

Father Grant Colling, who was at the event, said confident George had a real command of the room.

He said: “He was his own little man and took control moving into the middle of the circle of toys.

“He hunted out the biggest toys and propped himself up. He completely owned the place basically.”

Another attendee, Sheila Lemie, commented on the Prince’s strength: “He was very strong and more advanced than our little boy.”

Coincidentally, Prince George’s first public introduction closely follows that of his father.

A young Prince William was shown off by Charles and Diana in front of the press for the first time on the lawn of Auckland’s Government House. 


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