Dutch tourists burnt by chorizo go home

The tourists suffered second degree burns.

Two Dutch tourists who were burnt by a plate of ‘hell’s chorizo’ (flambéed chorizo) have been transported back to Holland to continue their recovery in a Dutch hospital.


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The two tourists, who suffered second degree burns, have gone home after staying for several days in the burns unit in the Malaga regional hospital of the Axarquia.

The pair, a man, 51 and a woman, 48, were on holiday in the Malaga region when after ordering a plate of flambéed chorizo in a Nerja restaurant, they noticed it was not hot enough and asked for more alcohol for the burner; this then blew up.

The ambulance took them to the hospital where they were transferred immediately to the burns unit due to the seriousness of their injuries.

They burnt a total of 20% of their bodies including their shoulders, faces, hands and chests. 


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