Alicante criticised over costly fiesta dresses

The EU criticized the money being spent on the fiesta dresses.

Spending €12,000 on dresses for San Juan’s fiesta queens was criticised as wasteful.


The town hall’s decision to set aside this sum for the forthcoming Fiestas del Cristo was attacked by EU councillor Cesar Vilar.

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Spending so much on an “irrelevant activity” during an economic crisis with thousands out work and cutbacks in social welfare and health was “an insult,” declared EU councillor Cesar Vilar.

It also displayed “unacceptable insensitivity” the councillor said.

The town hall allocated €400,000 for local fiestas, Vilar continued, but designated only €9,000 to the Employment Plan subscribed to by the Generalitat, the provincial Diputacion and the town hall.


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