Melilla immigrants protest at border

The Melilla border has seen a spate of breaches. Photo: Nobordernetwork.

In the area of Pinar de Rostrogordo, in the north of the city of Melilla, 30 sub-Saharans sat on the border fence in a protest yesterday (Thursday) to get into Spain.


Police were in attendance on both sides of the fence and the Guardia Civil at one point climbed up, using a ladder, to give the group water.

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This group was part of a larger group which tried to get into Melilla, illegally; there is no evidence that any of them managed to breach the border.

The group had been chanting “Bossa, Bossa”, which is a victory shout usually made when they have gained entrance to Spain, but after a few hours they got tired and the fatigue was visible, due, in no small part, to the many cuts and abrasions several of the men displayed after entangling themselves in the barbed wire on top of the fence.

The men refused to come down because they knew that, regardless of which side they came down on, they would be returned to the Moroccan side.

Guardia Civil and the Moroccan Gendarmerie held off from removing the men from the fence in the hope that they would come down of their own volition.


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