Few report domestic abuse in Spain

Few people report cases of domestic abuse in Spain.

Only a small percentage of victims report domestic abuse


In 2013 only 11 of the 54 dead from domestic abuse had made an official complaint to the police.


The OVDG (National Register of Domestic Abuse) has released its data for last year in which there were 124,894 reports, just 10 less than the year before, this is a descent of only 2.8%.

The OVDG has been quick to point out that seven out of 10 reports were made by the victims themselves.

Last year also had a rise, of 1.2%, in the number of victims who later cancelled their accusations. According to the data released 2013 saw a rise of 5% in the number of minors reporting abuse.

Of the 11 victims who reported abuse 10 were of Spanish nationality; and of the 54 dead 40 were Spanish and 14 foreign.

The provinces of Andalucia, Baleares, Canary Islands and Valencia had the most reports of abuse with the worst months being September and March.

On average Spain has 342 daily reports of abuse.


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