Almeria man shot neighbour dead

One was killed and two injured in the shooting.

A 60 year-old man from El Ejido, Almeria, has been remanded in custody for shooting his neighbour dead and wounding two others.


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The two wounded are the dead man’s wife, 30, who was hit in the head and her friend, 20, who was shot in the side. Neither are in medical danger.

The man, who will not be eligible for bail, first shot the three neighbours and then attacked his wife and a friend who were also wounded.

The attack happened after the two men had had another argument: the perpetrator went home and got a gun, which was home-made, and shot the victim dead.

Having taken the life of his 48 year-old neighbour, in the Cañada Cortes area, the man then gave himself up to police.

The apparent motive for the killing is thought to be a dispute over herding routes and land limits which they have been arguing about for years.




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