Riot police needed at Madrid protests

Riot police used batons and rubber bullets during the clash.

Spanish police clashed with protesters during an anti-austerity demonstration in Madrid that drew tens of thousands of people.


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Police have confirmed in a statement that six officers were injured during the clash and 12 people were arrested.

Demonstrators from across Spain were protesting against government measures they claim have eroded Spain’s civil rights.  

Six columns of protesters, each one from a different region, arrived at the outskirts of the city before heading for Colon square. The demonstrators carried banners bearing the slogan “Marching for dignity”.

By evening the city’s main boulevard, Paseo del Prado, was packed with people chanting against the government’s austerity policies and cuts.

Near the end of the demonstration, during one of the final speeches, protesters attempted to break through a police barrier.

It is believed that they intended to head towards the nearby headquarters of the governing conservative Popular Party.

Since 2011, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and his government have brought in numerous austerity-driven tax hikes and cuts to government services in an attempt to slash the budget deficit.

Protestors were throwing bottles and not backing down. Riot police responded by charging the protesters, using their batons and rubber bullets to beat them back.

Reports indicate that one police vehicle and a bank were damaged by protesters.


  1. This is the police version of the incident only. I am strongly disagree.
    Almost a millom persons march that day in a perfect pacific way, with no partys, unions, or anything the power may corrupt or control, and this is scary!

    1.700 riot police agents were deployed on the field, and right after the meeting ends – half an hour before the main TVs connect for live news – ….. 3 unknow guys irrupt into police lines with firecrackers in a nearby location…… and the police charge against thousands of person that listen a concert in the square, including childs and elder people,…….. ¿1.700 agents cannot avoid the interference of some “radicals”? ¿were they real “protesters” or just the bait to start the show?


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