Guardia Civil catch burglars red handed

The men were robbing a church in Nijar. Photo: Feranza

Guardia Civil in Nijar, Almeria, have caught three burglars red handed while they were robbing a church.


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During their investigations the Guardia Civil noticed the men ‘casing’ a local church and decided to set a trap for them.

For two days they lay in wait, out of sight, and eventually saw how the three men climbed up a neighbouring wall, clambered along the lightning cable and entered the church through the bell tower.

As soon as they were in they started collecting anything of value including silver candle sticks, communion cups and candelabras.

Taking care that the priest, who lives in a building connected to the church, was in no danger they proceeded to arrest the three men.

Once under arrest the Guardia Civil investigated the three men further and have managed to tie them to other, similar, crimes in the area.

The three burglars are in prison while awaiting their trial.


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