Torrevieja ordered to pay for pavement injury

Torrevieja has to pay €5,000 in compensation

Torrevieja has been ordered to pay €5,000 in compensation to a resident who suffered a fractured ankle after tripping on a payment.


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The pedestrian was walking along calle Pascual Flores when he fell and injured his ankle. He was admitted to Torrevieja Hospital for three days to recover. The accident happened in August 2008.

He initially claimed €13,000 in compensation but the court in Elche granted the plaintiff €5,000 saying ‘he did not act with all due caution.’

This decision is in addition to two others that have been released in recent weeks and for which the city has been criticised and forced to pay compensation as a result of deficiencies in the maintenance of public roads.

In all, these resolutions have already cost the city €10,000.


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