Valencian Fallas 2014

Costumes from the Valencian fiesta

The Fallas of Valencia are the best known and most popular celebrations in the area attracting not only local residents but also many tourists.


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This year the town hall centrepiece will be a 21 metre tall figure of Michelangelo’s Moses, weighing in at seven tons it will form part of the representation of the 10 commandments.

It is made principally of wood and has been designed by José Aguilar and built by Manuel García, a local master carpenter who has been proposing projects to the town hall for five years and has now, finally, had this one accepted under the title of ‘Decalogue of the good Valencian.’

It will be at the epicentre of the Fallas and the object of much surprise and joy for all those who see it.

Over two million staples and 25 cubic metres of wood have been used which, if laid end to end, would be around 240 kms long.


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