Barbados Seeks Help from Spain on Heritage Tourism

Bridgetown, Barbados, could use Spain´s help

The Caribbean Island needs Spain’s help with Heritage Tourism


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Barbados would “welcome” assistance from Spain on how to improve the marketing and packaging of its UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bridgetown, the government revealed this week.

Tourism Minister Richard Sealy said: “We have this tremendous asset — Historic Bridgetown and Its Garrison — and the question is, how do we get more people to come and see it?

“The Spaniards and Italians understand that well because they have several sites on the list.”

Bridgetown and its Garrison were named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2012. The town is an example of British colonial architecture and testifies to the spread of Great Britain’s Atlantic colonial empire.

Mr Sealy says heritage tourism is a “key area” of cooperation with Spain. The Minister was speaking following a meeting with Spanish Ambassador to Barbados, Jose Maria Fernandez de Turiso.

Barbados has largely been unable to attract tourists from Spain itself, according to the Minister, who said he was optimistic that travel from Spain to Barbados would improve.

Mr Sealy said: “We can learn from Spain and we are hoping we can get on its radar. There is tremendous potential there.”



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