‘Spain Faces 30,000 back-street abortions’

Spain´s Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón

A new study predicts that a huge number of Spanish women with unwanted pregnancies could resort to underground abortion clinics in the future


The study says the women will use clinics both in Spain and abroad if the country’s strict new abortion laws are passed in parliament.  


Spain’s Official Abortion Clinics Association (ACAI) has announced that 62.3% of Spanish women wanting to undergo an abortion will resort to desperate measures if the draft law is approved.

ACAI surveyed more than 6,000 women and 30.37% of them answered they would abort in an illegal clinic in Spain while 31.4% said they would go overseas to countries like neighbouring France and Portugal.

ACAI President Francisca García said that the 29.5% of women who would continue with their pregnancy would do so “with resignation and anxiety” as they “wouldn’t dare or don’t feel capable of opting for something else”.

Based on these figures, ACAI estimates that 30,000 women would travel abroad to have an abortion while another 30,000 would do so illegally in Spain.

García criticized the Spanish Justice Minister: “All Gallardón’s law will do is reduce the number of abortions on paper”.

Under Spain’s new draft bill, women will only be legally able to have abortions if they have been raped or if the mother’s health is at risk.

At the moment only 4.97% of abortions in Spain are carried out for reasons relating to the baby or the mother’s health.

The law has yet to be passed but the government holds a clear majority in the Spanish parliament. 

“We will rebel and carry on with abortions. Let the courts decide if our actions are within the law or against it,” García added. 


  1. If only that were true, Roy! In a severely macho country like Spain women are going to have to fight constantly for anything like the same freedoms accorded to men.
    Back in 1985 when abortion became legal women must have thought they had passed a milestone – but the old conservatives are getting worried. Some Spaniards such as, Fernando Gortazar, with the Family Forum, another anti-abortion group, believe change has come too fast, and it’s bewildering. For whom?
    The real debate taking place in Spain is whether the freedoms that came with democracy in the 1980s represent true progress, or a breakdown of traditional Spanish values. Whose values? The older, rich conservatives, many of whom sit in Parliament? A good question would be, are these really conservatives or thinly disguised Nazis? Is Spain attempting to return to its Nazi past?
    The discredited Spanish Catholic church is having its say but the final say should rest with women. It is their body, their life, and their choice. I am not necessarily a believer in abortion but I believe in every woman’s right to have charge of her own body, and the Spanish Government should respect women’s opinion, by far the biggest majority of whom are in favour of abortion.
    Simply put, if the government finds itself unable to maintain a democratic process then it should be kicked out as soon as possible.

  2. Well said John. Perhaps the way forward for women would be to have a nationwide collection to ‘grease’ the palms of a few politicians to get what they want. It works in most other instances in Spain.

  3. John Gardner, what rock have you been living under??
    ” In a severely macho country like Spain…” Although much has to done to curb crime in general and specifically aimed at women, in EVERY COUNTRY, “SEVERELY MACHO COUNTRY” is neither a fair, or accurate description of Spain. A quick comparison to neighbouring countries can attest to that, but I suppose looking out the window with zoom lens vision wouldn’t let you see that. Eventually (and inevitably) the abortion issue will be resolved, however, let me remind you (in case you’re not aware of what’s going on around the world) many countries have even more backward and antiquated abortion laws than Spain, but I suppose you’d have to travel, watch world news or indeed read a little to properly formulate an informed observation.
    Another severely warped comment bordering on ignorance “…are these really conservatives or thinly disguised Nazis?”
    Spain was never Nazi and throwing the term around so loosely diminishes it’s true meaning.
    Ia amazed at how easily the term is used in every aspect describing anything from structured rules and regulations to feeble attempts and insulting anyone with a difference of opinion. Make no mistake about it, Mr. Gardner, the term NAZI is not to be diluted by it’s ignorant use. If only out of respect for it’s victims.
    Too bad you just don’t seem to have a clue!


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