Government plans to boost economic growth by going upmarket

The Balearic government has a new law that will benefit high-class restaurants and bars.

The Balearic government has created a special new law that will benefit high quality, upmarket restaurants and bars.


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The island’s tourism sector hopes to get a boost with the latest measure being taken, which will be known as the Balearic Tourism Law (Ley de Turismo de Balears) that will mark out exact specifications for measuring the quality of certain establishments.

Demands from the tourism sector have encouraged a professional licence that would prevent ‘just anyone off the street’ from launching a tourism-focused business, a step the European Union has prohibited.

“If we can’t kick out the bad ones, at least we can make a way for the good ones to stand out more,” a local restaurateur commented about the new law.

Those top-ranking businesses meeting the specifications will receive a distinctive identifying plaque for customers to recognise their status.

They will also receive economic incentives like special government promotion and the permission to participate in the island’s official tourist-centred festivals.



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