Picasso Museum hosts avant-garde art seminar

PROGRESSIVE PICASSO: The museum of the pioneering artist plays host to international art seminar

The city of Malaga’s famed Picasso Museum played host to a team of European avant-garde art experts who came together on Monday for an international art event.


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The international seminar is a five-day gathering with the title ‘Women and Avant-Garde Art: Definitions in an Intermediate Space.’

The aim of the seminar is the study, analysis and debate of the vanguard of European art from a gendered perspective that should generate new concepts and practice.

The seminar also included conferences and round table discussions hosted by prestigious specialists of international renown.

Films and screenings were also held alongside the various discussions.

A special appearance was made by University of Barcelona’s Erika Bornay, Professor of Art History and expert in the iconography of women in art.

The seminar, which is the Third ‘Women’s Gaze’ festival, was organised by Malaga University, the Ministry of Economy and Competition, and Rome’s Knowledge University.


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