‘Cereal Killer’ Rabbits in El Comtat

Rabbits are devouring the shoots

It might be coming close to Easter but rabbits aren´t welcome everywhere… 


Cereal farmers in the inland El Comtat area joined Elche vegetable growers in complaints about rabbits.



Unlike the Elche growers, the farmers in the area adjoining Alcoy are more dependent on rain, and the drought and the rabbits are putting paid to this year’s harvest.


Despite considerable rain last autumn and snowfalls this winter the area is now parched after months without rain, explained Gonzalo Cots, Area Secretary of the local farmers’ union. 


The planted cereal is hardly growing and rabbits devour the shoots as soon as they appear.


Cots said that the damage the rabbits are inflicting on the crops is so noticeable because there is little spontaneous vegetation for them to eat.


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