Benidorm Takes a Taxi to the UK

Liverpool is one of the cities promoting Benidorm

Taxis in the UK cities of Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and Glasgow are advertising the popular Costa Blanca destination Benidorm.


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The sides of 53 vehicles are emblazoned with views of the resort, as are the tip-up seats that face passengers inside the cabs.

The Benidorm Tourist Foundation project costs €18,000 but the images are expected to be seen by an estimated 2,870,784 Britons.

It comes under a €200,000 advertising campaign programmed for the first three months of this year.

Other initiatives include television commercials and programmes together with features and advertisements in the printed media and on tourist websites.

Benidorm hopes in this way to increase reservations, reinforce online marketing and highlight the resort’s attractions, said Tourism councillor Gema Amor.

The UK market is Benidorm’s most important international market and British tourists make more repeat visits than any other nationality, Amor pointed out.


  1. why not get spanish airlines to fly from liverpool and manchester , the ticket prices during the summer and the festival week are double the price or more, i visit benidorm 3 times a year bur most people find flifgt prices too expensive, is there any hoilday package companies in spain


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