170 Years Old and Still Going Strong

Agustin Navarro inspects Benidorm’s Policia Local

Benidorm´s local police force recently celebrated its 170th anniversary.


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It was created in 1844, according to the minutes of a town hall assembly presided over by Jose Thous Perez. 

Two local men, Francisco Orozco and Francisco Zaragoza, were appointed to guard the town.

Their successors were honoured 170 years later in a ceremony attended by the Benidorm mayor and Sebastian Fernandez from the regional government’s Tourism department.

Also present were officers from the National Police, the Guardia Civil and Local Police chiefs from neighbouring municipalities, as well as local dignitaries.

“Thanks to the dedication, effort and hard work of the three police forces, Benidorm has established itself as one of the safest places in Spain and Europe.” Navarro said.

The streets are patrolled by Community police, the mayor pointed out, although public safety in the resort was further assisted by efficient security and control in neighbouring towns. 


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