Holy Mackerel

Spanish Police in Malaga were showered with water as they try to gain access to the Ex-pats apartment

An inter-region war has broken out in Spain over fishing quotas for mackerel.

Galician fishermen clashed with police during a demonstration against the latest round of quotas, which they said favoured their Basque countrymen.

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The trawler men in the port of Vigo were confronted by riot police when they held their protest. A running battle ensued as fishermen fought with police. As police in full riot gear charged fishermen pelted them with stones in the confrontation over fishing rights.

Their protest was in vain – so far the Spanish government has refused to change the allocations. The government has called for responsibility from the fishermen, not just in their behaviour, but in respecting quotas to preserve fish stocks.


FILE PHOTO: http://www.flickr.com/photos/popicinio/


  1. “respecting quotas to preserve fish stocks”. That’s a laugh, because everyone blames the Spanish for their continued rape of the seas.


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