Off Duty Police Officer Saves Man’s Life at Madrid Station

The Daring Rescue Took Place at Madrid´s Sol Station

An off-duty police officer saved a man’s life at the Sol station of Madrid’s underground station by pulling him from the tracks moments before a train sped up. 


The officer, a member of the National Police, was on his way to work when the near miss occurred.


A man on the opposite side of the tracks lost his balance and fell onto the line, hitting his face and chest.

Seeing this, the officer, 38, jumped on to the tracks and crossed them to assist the fallen man. Another passenger helped him hoist the injured man on to the platform.

The hero made sure the man was ok before rushing back across to his platform in time to catch his train to work.

The 30-year-old victim was looked after by the Psychological unit of emergency services SAMUR and taken to hospital to be treated for his injuries after the incident.




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