Two arrested after BBVA bank raid in Malaga

BBVA banking in Spain

TWO people were arrested in Malaga for allegedly holding up a bank.

The events took place at a branch of BBVA in Paseo de Sancha at around 8am on Monday morning when the bank was opening.

The alarm was activating and National Police were alerted of the presence of the two intruders. A special operation was set up around the bank, the street was closed, and the men, aged 56 and 60, were arrested, one when he was attempting to flee and the other hidden in the bank. The police seized the money they had stolen and the gun used in the hold-up.


The detainees had made a hole in the wall from a neighbouring office to access the bank and were waiting inside for staff to arrive. The two employees were tied up and once the police got inside, they were assisted and the emergency services were called to the scene. One of them, a pregnant woman, had an anxiety attack and had to be treated, but no-one was injured.


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