Ryanair sacked an air steward for eating a sandwich without paying for it

Ryanair sacks steward

Low-cost carrier Ryanair has a reputation for being strict in applying its in-house regulations for passengers and also its staff it seems.

The Dublin-based airline has sacked a Spanish steward for eating a sandwich on board without previously paying for it.

The Spanish Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by the steward in question, who does not wish to be named. The man is a Madrid resident but was hired under Irish labour laws.



On-board rules for staff and passengers

Ryanair rules are that cabin crew must ask for permission to consume food items on sale to passengers and pay for them before proceeding to eat them.

According to Ryanair’s in-flight price lists, the ham, cheese and tomato sandwich in question costs €5.50.

The steward began working for Ryanair in June 2007 on a series of temporary contracts, the last of which he signed in June 2010 and which was due to expire in June 2013. He was fired at the start of 2011. His last contract was as a cabin-crew member on Ryanair flights out of Oslo with a gross salary of €20.070 a year.

He took the case to Madrid provincial court who eventually agreed to accept his suit for unfair dismissal.

However, the Supreme Court ruled that Spanish labour courts had no jurisdiction over the case because he was employed under Irish law.



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