Spanish drivers are the second-worst in Europe researchers say


According to research by French motoring foundation Vinci Autoroutes and the Europe-wide market research firm IPSO, Spanish, Italian and French drivers are the worst in Europe.

The research carried out surveyed 7,000 people in seven European countries, and 50 per cent believe that the Italians are the most dangerous drivers.

A total of 16 per cent felt Spaniards were the worst, and 14 per cent considered the French to be the most dangerous.

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Swedish drivers were seen as the most responsible drivers, with 47 per cent naming them as the safest, followed by the Germans, who got 26 per cent of the votes, and the British, with 13 per cent.

Bad habits

Survey subjects were asked about their own dangerous habits, and it was found that 86 per cent regularly broke speed limits whilst 62 per cent failed to respect safety distances.

Spanish drivers are more likely to use their horns in stressful situations – 67 per cent of motorists in Spain admitted to doing so, compared to the European average of 47 per cent.

Two-thirds of French and German drivers admitted to insulting other motorists, whilst the European average is just over half.

The seven countries in which the survey was released were the UK, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Germany and Belgium.


  1. I would say its a close tie between Italian and Spanish drivers, at least here in the south. The Spanish love to hog the outside lane, almost never use their signal indicators, and when they do they leave them on. They jump red lights on a regular basis and park wherever they feel like without a second’s thought for anyone they have blocked.
    Personally, I would not put the majority in charge of a kiddies three-wheel bike.

  2. In my experience they´ll never let you onto the motorway when accessing from a slip road,even if theres no other vehicle in sight,they just hog the lane seemingly oblivious to your presence.
    I understand that they are taught by driving instructors to hold the outer lane when turning left on a roundabout , thereby cutting across any vehicle on the inside lane…scary eh !

  3. The roundabout rules here in Castellon are madness! As DS said they are taught to drive around the outside of the roundabout and have the right of way. Apparently it’s not the same in every region because some of my Spanish friends thought it was crazy when they first moved here! I’d love someone to be explain the logic behind it.


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