Ban on anything resembling bullfighting by Barcelona City Hall

Bullfighting ban by Barcelona

BARCELONA City Hall plans to ban anything resembling a bullfight.

In June 2013, bullfights and any other celebration which included the death of bulls were banned. However, now, having studied the matter with animal defence groups, the council wants to ban any of the steps involved in a bullfight to prevent animals from suffering.

This will be included in a new law for the Protection, Ownership and Sale of Animals which is due to come into effect in September.


It will also include a ban on ‘bullfighting shows’ for performances, films, adverts or any other matter. To get approval to do so, an evaluation will be carried out to determine whether it would be stressful or abusive for the animals. Using wild animals in shows will also be banned. 


  1. Well done Barcelona, I and millions more would have no problem visiting your caring city once this massive progress of animal awareness and protection is made law.

  2. This is great, and also do not forget to stop abuse of all animals, dogs cows………….Pherhaps one day I can visit Barcelona

  3. I wish to know the value of animal rights respected …. It does not hurt the man. Why violates their rights and threatens her life ………………?

  4. Bless you Barcelona for taking this step against bull fighting. Please keep helping over animals. Overloaded donkeys and abuse of other animals. Thank you ! God bless you for your stand. The Bible says that a man will be blessed for taking care of his animals.


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