Hunt plea for greyhounds

Hunters abadon greyhounds after hunting season ends


More than 100 people demonstrated in Madrid to condemn ill-treatment of greyhounds.

The protest was organised by several greyhound rescue groups and the pro-animal political party, PACMA.

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All called for an immediate ban on their use in hunting.  “We want to speak out for these animals that are abandoned year after year,” said PACMA spokeswoman Laura Duarte.

Hunting with greyhounds should be eradicated, the party claimed, but accused Spain’s institutions of having little interest in solving the problem.


Greyhounds are abandoned or killed after hunting season ends

So far this year the BAAS Galgos association has rescued 150 abandoned greyhounds, said its president Beatriz Marlasca.

This figure is already too high, she said, bearing in mind that until now the total is usually around 300 a year.

“Hell” begins for greyhounds as the hunting season ends, declared Marlasca, who urged the government to control breeders and pursue owners who abandon animals.

Famous author and journalist Rosa Montero who is well-known for supporting animal rights, was present at the Madrid protest.

The treatment handed out to greyhound is “brutal” Montero said. “Spain can never aspire to being a cultured, developed country unless it respects its animals,” she declared.


  1. NO living being deserves this sort of treatment! These ARE living beings NOT commodities to be used,abused and disposed of. Please instigate laws to protect these innocent lives.

  2. There aren’t enough despicable word to use when I think of what Spain is allowing!! Plase start being humane to these beautiful dogs who want nothing to live and to be lived!

  3. I can’t understand how the Spanish people would allow these Nobel animals to be treated so badly! I would never visit this country-even if it is so beautiful-because it’s mistreatment of these dogs.

  4. Really feel for the Greyhounds for they are so miss treated, They have feelings, I think they should put an end to the racing of all greyhounds. I think it’s cruel to run them to death.

  5. How can Spain expect to be seen as a modern country when its treatment of animals is so antiquated. Only people with little education and knowledge can see nothing wrong with the treatment of such beautiful creatures. Their government is hardly better as they are the ones taking no notice of what the rest of the world thinks of them.
    It is one country, regarding of its beauty, that I will never visit until their cruel treatment of animals ceases. Bulls, geeese, hounds and many other spieces of animals are suffering at their hands…

  6. Humans are judged by what they do, not by what they say. Spain is judged the world over as a cruel nation because of bull fighting and its horrendous record in regard to horse abuse.

    Neo Spaniard is evolving and we must have the patience and understanding to allow that to happen. We must not judge Neo Spaniard by the ancient code and actions of his forefathers. It is difficult and at times very hard to witness their cruelty and all efforts must be made to stop them but let us be aware that this new generation of Spaniard has very different values: kinder more understanding and means to have them respected.

    Unceasing resistance to cruelty is an essential to help bring this change about and I would urge everyone to participate in some way to help eradicate the blight of animal cruelty that so tragically sets Spain apart from the rest of Europe.


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