Mayor ‘illegally held’ Local Police officer

MAYOR FRANCISCO SALADO: allegedly held police office against his will

RINCON DE LA VICTORIA Mayor is due to appear in court on February 24 for supposedly holding a Local Police officer against his will.

Francisco Salado has been accused of illegally holding Francisco Jose Gallardo in municipal premises for nine hours.

Gallardo has accused Salado of taking reprisals against him ever since he ran for mayor in the last local elections.

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He claims he prevented the current mayor from winning by absolute majority.

In a complaint he lodged -written by the former Director of Public Prosecutions in Spain, Candido Conde-Pumpido- he accuses both the mayor and the Local Police Chief inspector of perversion of justice, bodily injuries, holding him against his will and coercion.

Mayor Salado claims the accusations are without foundation as the accuser mentions as witnesses people close to him.

He has denied Gallardo was locked in municipal premises for nine hours.

Finally, he has also explained there are official reports that prove the accusations in the complaint are false.


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