Thumbs up for SATE from careless Brits

SATE: British consul Paul Rodwell (third left) and Benidorm mayor Agustin Navarro (second left) at SATE’s June inauguration

BENIDORM’S Servicio de Atencion al Turista Extranjero (SATE)  assisted 1,280 people between June and December 2013.

The office gives foreign crime victims personalised police attention in their own language. It also provides practical help in contacting family and friends, for instance, or cancelling credit cards.

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Questionnaires completed by users of the service pronounced SATE “excellent,” the office recently revealed.

A total of 837 British tourists needed help last year.  Most were robbed on the beach, usually through their own carelessness.

The office also attended 179 tourists from other EU countries as well as 174 from outside the European community, plus 90 Spaniards.

Last year’s figures were announced at the latest meeting of the SATE monitoring committee.  It was attended by the deputy mayor Gema Amor, Public Safety councillor Jose Marcet,  president of the Hosbec hoteliers’ association Antonio Mayor and local police chiefs. All are working together to tackle this type of crime before the high season begins.

“The SATE office demonstrates that Benidorm has the best interests of its tourists at heart,” said a satisfied Gema Amor.


  1. How can they say robbed through there own carelessness on the beach. Where are the beach patrols?
    Probably waiting round the corner waiting for their own cut of the loot.

  2. According to International statistics France is the number one tourist destination in the world with Spain third. However, Spain is number one for E.U. visitors. The French statistics are bolstered by those outside of the E.U. who, according to the French, visit France for its culture.
    It is not hard to understand why legions of Americans visit Paris every year when their homespun culture consists of TV shows where fat people shout abuse at each other or dross fantasy shows like Sin Rastro.
    It is also not hard to understand why Spain is number one. This initiative in Benidorm is a good example of thinking, a process in short supply in France. I know this because I lived in the country for 9 years. I was robbed in Paris, middle of the day. When I realised I went straight to the first policeman I found just outside the Metro station and his very words were, ‘What do you want me to do about it? I am busy!’ He was standing watching the traffic go by. I insisted he take a report and with as much bad temper as he could muster he told me there was a police station about 500 metres away. I went there. What greeted me was a dingy little office; a young constable making goo-goo eyes at a woman perched on his desk. He looked at me as I entered then ignored me and got back to his main task: chatting up the woman. I interrupted him and his words were, ‘Well what do you want me to do about it?’ I pointed out I could identify the pickpocket and a woman who appeared to be his accomplice. His reply? ‘Come back after lunch I am too busy! Behind him was a large poster that declared, ‘Between us we can beat the thieves!’ This is an accurate report of the events in the centre of Paris.
    So Spain, well done for your ability to adapt to foreigners, well done for your initiatives and well done for accepting us, the foreigners, with such open minds.

  3. It is beyond belief that tourists have not yet realised that if you walk along the sea front or along the beach with your wallet in your back pocket or with your handbag across your shoulder hanging on your back that you will get robbed. I have pointed this out to dozens of tourists over the past few years,even I could steal their valuables You can walk along the seafront in Benidorm and watch the pickpocket gangs stalking their pray.


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