Floating cocaine gang arrested

DRUGS HAUL: Guardia Civil recovered 900 kilos of cocaine

FIVE people were arrested in Malaga province in a Guardia Civil operation which resulted in 900 kilos of cocaine being seized.

The detainees are alleged members of a gang operating between Malaga and Valencia dedicated to drug trafficking and money laundering.

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The cocaine was found inside 37 backpacks which had been anchored at sea off the coast of Valencia using a sophisticated float and location system so they could later be collected. The system also prevented them from sinking or floating away.

Guardia Civil and Tax Officers also seized €72,000 in cash, jewellery, three vehicles, a boat and computer and telephone equipment.

The operation was launched last May when the Guardia Civil learned several members of the organisation transported a boat from Malaga to Valencia, which they later left in dry docks and began planning how they would collect a shipment of cocaine. The drugs were destined for the Costa del Sol, but arrived in Valencia, where the gang rented an apartment. They were caught at sea at night, in a boat which they were using to collect the cocaine from the spot where it had been left. 


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