Expat TV wait is over – BBC switches satellites

Picture: Courtesy of astra2.org
Footprint of UK TV coverage

THE long wait is over for expat TV viewers, last night the BBC switched to the new satellite.

The BBC issued an official announcement stating that the migration of its free to view channels to the new Astra 2E satellite would be carried out in the early hours of Thursday February 6. This will improve viewing across the UK but may have some effect on European viewers – especially in southern Spain

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Astra has released a map (above) showing a footprint of expected television coverage following the move. It appears that the Costa Blanca, Mallorca and inland Spain areas will continue to receive a good quality reception. The Costa del Sol and Almeria are in a borderline zone, it is currently unclear how the move will affect these areas.

ITV and Channel 4 have not yet announced when they will migrate from Astra 1N to Astra 2E, but it is expected to be soon.

Several Sky pay channels, including Sky Sports, Sky Movies and Fox, have already been changed over to the new satellite this week; after much speculation regarding reception in Spain, some areas of the country are currently reporting improved viewing on these channels.  In eastern Europe the quality of the reception has diminished.

Once migration is completed, adjustments are still due to be made by satellite operator SES Astra, this could alter the quality of reception once more.



  1. The footprint shown top right on the page is not that which will be used by the BBC and ITV channels. That is the Europe beam. The UK spot beam has a much tighter focus on the UK as can be seen from the SES Astra 2E UK spot beam shown footprint shown on their site.

  2. Yes, this is a pretty misleading narrative, it’s very bad news for many many expats who have lost every BBC feed, and with ITV and Channel 4 etc to follow soon, would it have been too much to ask to leave one of each on the Pan European Beam?

  3. I am in South Tuscany – half way between Florence and Rome. I have a total loss of signal for BBC and I have a 2.4M dish. I would happily have paid for a UK license – instead I am forced to pay for the Italian TV dross that I never ever watch.

  4. Correct, the footprint image is from the Pan European beam. The UK beam is where the BBC has moved. I´m in Southern Scandinavia and my calculations say I now need a 1.8m dish.

  5. I ltravel with work and stay long places at a time and rely on UKTV to keep me going so I now take a box with me and watch all over the world and my work pays for it! Even better. Thank you Alcom!

  6. I live near Milan and have lost all the bbc channels, soon to befollowed by itv and channel 4. Britain’s isolationist policy will damage her intersts in the end.

  7. There’s lots of comments about should have been kept etc, but do these people pay a BBC licence fee? Do they realise that it is actually an infringement of copyright to receoive any Sky channel outside of the UK and Republic of Ireland? I doubt anyone will answer these in the affirmative so what is there to complain about? You have had a good run, there are alternatives to receive the BBC channels anyway, via the internet etc, stop whinging and accept the fact.

  8. I am surprised the Spanish Gov’t hasn’t done something to encourage the signal to remain on, A lot of potential property buyers will now go elsewhere as one of the attractions to Spain was the ability to keep in touch with the U.K. through television. It could cost them a lot considering their biggest earner is selling holiday homes to northern Europeans

  9. Couple of points on the last post:
    1. There is no “BBC” licence fee (neither is there a “road tax”)
    2. BBC is funded by the UK government yet is provided on many cable systems in Holland and Belgium (I won’t even mention Eire)
    3. Nobody asked for Sky
    4. If there was any copyright infringement on broadcasting FTA channels how have they been able to broadcast in clear for the past year?
    5. Many people, like myself, have residences in more than one country and pay a licence to receive Televisions signals in the UK and UK income tax

  10. Kim White costa del Azahar…. “small tweak”?
    Alcocebre area – signal strength/quality ok?
    (in UK at present so not possible to check in person)

  11. Most of us would very happily pay to get British television. (indeed we do in other ways)Millions of £s worth of business just for the taking. Many others pay for Sky giving British addresses, but use their card in Europe. Seems to me the TV companies cant be bothered to see the potential to make money, usual incompetence!

  12. The simple truth is that there are many UK expats all over the world who want to watch UK TV. So why doesn’t SKY create another payable service to enable them to watch it? Do they insist UK TV must only be watched in UK? Internet is worldwide so SKY should adopt a realistic, ‘modern’ approach.

  13. It is correct that there is no “BBC” licence fee, neither is there a road tax (correctly named Vehicle Excise Duty) however without either it is illegal to receive a UK broadcast television signal or use a vehicle on a road respectively if the vehicle is UK registered, both of these laws apply anywhere in the world and it is a criminal offence punishable by large fines to contravene them.

    Sky cannot, at present, provide a European platform because of complex broadcasting rights including geographical limits on the extent of their copyright licence, hopefully in this ever expanding world of communication these rules will be amended in the future. (eg there is a Spanish broadcaster who has the rights to many proogrammes that Sky broadcasts even though they are not in English)

    The BBC is funded entirely (with the exception of the World Service) by the licence fee and its commercial activities so it is irrelevent that you pay UK income tax and you do not “pay for it in many other ways”

    The bottom line is that we have had it good for the last 15 years but the party is over.

  14. Apart from all of the legal issues discussed above, “SKY TV” grab money from my account every month. I now get less for that payment, not to mention the many other channels they have dropped over the last couple of years. Classic FM, OMusic, and the free music channels. Perhaps we should all learn “Urdu” as there are still (after losing BBC channels) many SKY channels supporting that and various other non English languages. Clearly they dont want us to have it outside of UK, so we stop paying for it. Time to cancel the subscription I think.

  15. My mother in Andorra has just lost all her BBC channels and I believe will soon lose all her other UK channels, very distressing for her as she is 90 and housebound. She has no internet access (at her age she wouldn’t know what to do with it!) so despite suggestions that she could stream through a PC or via SKY, at her age she doesn’t/can’t use any of these ‘modern’ gadgets, and now feels quite cut off.

  16. Peter CDS sounds like a real naive guy. Why should Eire be able to get BBC and UK citizens not in Britain be “banned”? How do the Irish pay their license fee in Euros? What about the tens of thousands who watch BBC on the wrong side of the English channel? What about the internet streamers? Are all these folk going to be arrested and tried in court for picking up banal radio waves coming down from the sky? If the BBC truly wanted only Britain bound viewers they would not transmit via satellite or internet at all. As for ITV, they will soon realise how much lost revenue they have suffered by not getting their relentless adverts into a huge amount of people’s minds. The whole situation is comical.

  17. I am living in the South of France and lost all bbc channels last week. after a bit of research found that bbc Scotland hasnt changed the satelite .so i entered a scottish postcode onto my freesat hd box and now i get all the bbc channels as before ,only downfall i dont get to Watch my local evening news ,but hey the wifes happy she gets back watching eastenders lol

  18. I may be naive but I don’t hide behind a silly nom de plume, there are special arrangements for Eire and the BBC does broadcast to other territoeries under different brands (such as BBC World and BBC Prime), Gett Reall misses the point, whilst no-one is likely to be prosecuted for receiving these stations the BBC would be in contravention of their charter and other broadcasters their licences. As for commercial channels losing revenue as the Audience Research Bureau doesn’t measure overseas audiences and most of the advertising is UK oriented it will not affect their income at all, I can’t imagine Proctor and Gamble worrying about not advertising, say Aquafresh, to an audience where the product is not available.

  19. If I turn my dish to Hotbird or EUTELSAT I will receive Italian (RAI) German (ARD, ZDF, +) French (FR1,2,3) Dutch, Belgian, Romanian, Bulgarian, etc etc, all broadcasting their national channels in clear to the whole of Europe, including films and imported US programs, if there were complex copyright and license issues they appear only to refer to the UK, even if that were true how were they permitted to ignore such legal issues when it suited them over the past year or so, the truth is that is just the small minded little Englander attitude of the UK, oh and I believe all the other UK channels (ITV, CH4, etc) have now also migrated..

  20. Tuesday 11th February. ITV and C4 gone overnight in Spain. My SKY subscription now cancelled, I refuse to pay for something I am not getting, whatever the laws say. We had it, now we don’t have it yet we still pay for it. I don’t think so.

  21. I cannot seem to see an answer to my simple question, is it that we need a larger dish or just that the one we have needs to be pointed in the right direction?

  22. Celine, that would depend what area you are in. In some areas (eg Costa Blanca) a large dish may be sufficient to maintain channels although it may need redirecting; but in the majority of mainland Spain, you would need to use an internet or alternative connection not even 3m dishes are getting reception (eg Costa del Sol). The best advice we can offer is to ask a professional in your area who will best understand local needs.

  23. I’m 50km North of Milan and I’m getting all BBC TV signals still, including the HD channels and the Sochi red Button channels.

    As a Radio-Ham I have a properly engineered system, a 90cm dish with a very high quality LNB (Invacom Quad) I had already bought a Gibertini125cm dish but this doesn’t seem to be necessary yet. The LNB quality is critical as many LNBs just aren’t good enough for a fringe reception (They have poor gain at band edges) Maybe for those people in the alps who have just lost reception it’d be worth trying a new sixteen quid Inverto Ultra Black Twin LNB.

    good luck!

  24. Whoever believes the license fee pays for this absurd BBC service needs mental help. Most of that goes in paying the interest on public debt now 1, 377 billion pounds.
    A narrow minded holier than thou attitude sums up the mind set as illustrated by some morons.
    The BBC have shot themselves in the foot and somewhere out there there will a solution. This is the global digital age. Where there is a demand there will be a supply.
    ITV and chanel 4 will lose millions from their inability to advertise.
    Roll on tech boffins.

  25. Just lost Feb 11, 2014 all ITV channgels. Last week it was BBC.
    I am located 13°E (12.88) near the Czech border in Germany. My 1.25m dish is scrap metal now. Footprint maps are not accurate. Can only hope when SES adjusts it is outward and not inward.

  26. Buy a COMPUTER OR TABLET(the hand held computer) and watch TV online go on the site TV GUIDE scroll down to the TV MENUE, Look to the LEFT hand side of the page you will see all UK TV channels and programmes listed, underneath each channel sign it will have a little sign with the word WATCH click WATCH on the channel of your choice. You can watch BBC, ITV,CHANNEL 4, CHANNEL 5 and more etc. You can buy a wire to your TV and as well and you have UK TV. Its pretty easy Good luck.

  27. Dearee-mee,

    Anyone want some cheese with their whine?

    Write it down a hundred times for better memory:

    I was never ever ever supposed to be watching UK channels in Spain.

    That I could was by technical default, never by design.

    As someone pointed out, a good run for yer money (those that paid at all), now either sell your houses and go back to Blighty or get a life where it’s warmer

  28. All the moaning and groaning is a bit premature. Let’s wait and see how things develop. I’m in the Var (Provence) and after a few hiccups at the time of the change-over now receive all channels in their usual spots via my 1.30 m dish

  29. Most of Tenerife and other CI.’s. Have lost all uk channels.
    Heavy population of expats and long term timeshare owners very unhappy. Many parts are essentially uk communities with shops stocking uk products so ITV advertising revenue is still an earner. We all pay UK Licence fees. All other Euro channels available some countries look after their own whilst abroad.

  30. Please can someone tell me how we get the bbc etc still? We have a 1.5m dish and are in Hamburg hotpot herb Germany. We have uk sky and all that is fine, but the channels we really want are gone! Have we really lost it forever?

  31. I’m in Pavia, 50km south of Milan. I had some poor coverage yesterday in the afternoon but in the early evening completely lost the signal.

    Of course that’s still pointing to the old Astra 2D satellite.

    Should we be trying to reconfigure our on Astra 2E now, or will that clearly not work as we’re well outside the UK spot footprint?

    Heard someone north of Milan was using a particular LNB to improve reception, but I suppose that’ll only help if there’s a signal to improve.

    I’ll conitnue to use the TV catchup services via streaming on my Samsung TV (connected via a VPN to UK).

    Any recommendations on what would be the best satellite channel for English programs now we can’t get our beloved BEEB?


  32. Correction – After verifying the satellite dish is pointing to the same Astra satellite. I did a quick retune today, and Sunday lunchtime was still able to watch the Olympics with the odd bit of interference.

    So will try looking at the LNB and change if a better one exists, and if that fails, may increase dish size from 90 up to 120 perhaps.


  33. @ those complaining about Sky – They did not provide or charge for the UK terrestrial broadcasters. The services were never intended to be delivered outside the UK and the technology has advanced so that its not. They did not get it right on A2D but the

  34. I have list all my beloved channels in Southern Tuscany after spending a fair amount of money on installation last summer! Does anyone have any solutions to us extremely disappointed ex-pats in Tuscany, please?????

  35. I live in the South of France and subscribe to Sky(old style box). I haven’t changed my dish in years. I’m willing to buy whatever box and dish I need to get back my beloved BBC channels. Could someone please explain in simple terms what I need to buy and from where (online??) I’m thinking of cancelling my subscription to Sky, doesn’t seem any point now. Many thanks for all replies

  36. No BBC, ITV, Channel 4. Are we in Europe ? All this talk about Human Rights, do we as British ex pats not have the human right to watch British TV? Or do we patiently wait until some technical boffin comes up with a solution?

  37. I am wondering if anyone on the Costa Blanca with a 1m dish has tried substituting their current LNB for a INVERTO BLACK ULTRA HIGH GAIN TWIN LNB. If so, has this solved the problem of lost BBC channels?

  38. As a major mobile satellite retailer and engineer the information given at the head of this page entitled EX PAT WAIT IS OVER, is way out of date. For up to date information go to the Astra web page http://www.onastra.com/2124/en which will give you the footprints of the transponder which broadcasts the BBC, ITV and BskyB channels, This is now transmitted on a narrow beam “ASTRA 2E UK ku_band spot beam_L” which is designed only to transmit to the UK mainland. You may have a 120cm dish to try and receive english spoken channels but if you are not in the transmitted signal area you will struggle to receive programming from these broadcasters. You will see from the Astra website that a different transponder provides a signal also from ASTRA 2E which covers a considerable amount of mainland Europe, but this is from a different transponder and the BBC, ITV, BskyB evidently do not transmit their programmes via this transponder. This action has been tied up with the launch of the ASTRA 2E satellite as SES S.A replace some of its ageing fleet of satellites which have a life span of 15 years.

  39. Tele Valbonne in the South of France have just told me a bigger 1.20 metre dish will solve the problem but it will cost €700 inc installation. I think I’ll just use my iPhone and VPN Oneclick to run BBC through an Apple TV to my 42″ LG TV..
    Bit of a pain but better than shelling out €700.

  40. All UK channels gone in the area of A Coruña. Anyone an idea to how to retrieve BBC, ITV and so on? Greatly appriciate your help!

  41. The English do not pay tv license in Spain firstly, second we are all in a different country and should be grateful for what we have, thirdly the uk watches most tv in the world, fourth there are licensing issues transmitting out of home country, fifth we are in a world of technology with options to watch worldwide tv online some people are clever and do research.

  42. It’s amazing isn’t it? 64 posts about television and 3 about democracy! Anyone ever wonder why the Brits have lost their country to foreigners? There’s your answer!
    Marshall McLuhan was not wrong when he wrote about the medium being the message. How utterly sad!

  43. I have UK in Spain and I have access to BBC iPlayer and ITV player I have bough some software that allows me to watch and unblock websites there are no subscription charges and nothing to pay after you purchase the software. It cost me 25 Euros but I have had my moneys worth out of it already Just watching sky sports. If anyone is interested I got it from uk-tv-spain.net. It works for me.

  44. [quote]I live near Milan and have lost all the bbc channels, soon to be followed by itv and channel 4. Britain’s isolationist policy will damage her interests in the end.
    Hi Romano,

    I’m in Varese and have experienced very little change. All channels are fine during the day with some minimal pixellation on some at night. I have only an 80 cm dish. I think you need to inspect every element of your set up to make it the best it can be – best possible orientation of dish, correct skew on LNB, 0.2 db LNB, the thckest, double-shielded cable, shortest possible distance between dish and decoder. Good luck. Tim

  45. [quote]It’s amazing isn’t it? 64 posts about television and 3 about democracy! Anyone ever wonder why the Brits have lost their country to foreigners? There’s your answer!
    Marshall McLuhan was not wrong when he wrote about the medium being the message. How utterly sad![/quote]
    Your ignorant question gives the answer you deserve. Blaming others is truly a British trait.

  46. My wife and I live in SouthWest France between Tolouse and Carhors, Lot et Garonne and we have lost all the channels BBC One & Two especially, plus others.
    What annoys me is the fact that as a BBC man for over 60 years of Radio and Viewing, I will no longer be able to watch the World Snooker which is on now, and also Wimbledon both of which at 76 are the only two sports I like to watch on Television.
    The BBC must have lost thousands of viewers, regardless of whetehr one paid for a license or not, how many licences are still not being paid for in the UK these days, (I wonder).
    Thousands of us will be angry and sore not being able to get Wimbledon and Snooker throughout the year.
    Anyone have any idea’s to help watch these two magificent sporting events, Wimbledon & Snooker.
    PS The BBC have shamed themselves in ignoring all those folk mostly retired now, who have supported them for most of their lives, whilst in the UK or the Channel Islands.

  47. Dear Clive,

    My wife and myself live in France ‘Centre’ and receive very good BBC TV and radio signals. The alteration by the Beeb has not made any significant difference to our reception. Friends of ours who live between Cahors and Gourdon have recently re-installed a larger dish 1.2 metres diametre. They now receive good signals after losing them. No other adjustment is required.

  48. Dear (Ian) Mr. Jackson

    Thank you so much for your reply to my comments, your reply has been sent to me direct. Your information is greatly appreciated and we will most definitely invest in a 1.2 meters diameter dish.

    You have no idea just how much your contact has made to us, especially with Snooker on per/se, Wimbledon on the way.
    May God hold you and yours in the palm of his hands?
    Sleep warm
    Clive & Pamela.
    Ps Should you be down our way or just passing by, do phone us and pop in for coffee, or maybe a meal.
    Ref TV Dish.

  49. Dear Mr Hawdon

    Good afternoon Robin, thank you for your comment, we have had all BBC channels here in the Lot ET Garonne that is until the change over by the BBC last February.

    We are upgrading to a new system at this present time to a 1 metre dish, but at present without any Television at all, but watching movies via my lap top fed into the main Television set.
    I received my information from a Mr Ian Jackson who informed me of my new options, regulating on the signal which should be 28.2 SE
    But I am awaiting the new dish from my local supplier at this time.
    Hope this helps.

    Sleep warm
    Clive Mainwaring
    C & P Mainwaring Rtd

  50. In the 1950’s it was a ‘BBC Television receiver licence’. Then the ITV companies came into play and no licence was required. So in those days TV’s had a tuner for BBC and another tuner for ITV. So you removed the BBC tuner leaving the Free to view ITV and declined the pay the BBC tv licence. This brought a case to the courts claiming that if the TV did not receive BBC then no licence need be paid. That brought about a change where it was changed to ‘Television receiver Licence’ and any piece of equipment constructed to receiver a TV signal had to pay the TV licence. That meant that any property could be call at to see if the owners had a TV receiving device (recorders) and if so did they possess a TV receiver licence.

  51. Hello there Willyn
    I thank you for your valued opinions and information, I hasten to add that I paid my Television License; up to and including the age of 75.
    However on a mute point, I don’t need a license for my personal computer, or notebook, and yet the BBC are sending and casting adverts (On mine anyway). Not being able to watch the Snooker or indeed Wimbledon when it starts, I had consoled myself with the fact that I would be able to watch it on my computer.
    On opening the snooker page one day last week all I got was Sorry not available in your district. Strange that? (THE ADVERTS ARE,) and surely I am right here, the BBC do not have the right to invade our computers with advertising, we have enough of that on Television these days anyway.
    Just a thought? Thank you Willyn, your comment was sent onto me by request, and good luck.
    Clive Mainwaring

  52. I live in central Italy—I have lost all British tv satellite channels !!!
    even essex Babes ahahahahahaahhah what can I do???? I used to receive everything so perfectly! Please do Help !

  53. [quote]I have UK in Spain and I have access to BBC iPlayer and ITV player I have bough some software that allows me to watch and unblock websites there are no subscription charges and nothing to pay after you purchase the software. It cost me 25 Euros but I have had my moneys worth out of it already Just watching sky sports. If anyone is interested I got it from uk-tv-spain.net. It works for me.[/quote]

    You don’t have to pay to unblock any site – you just need a link to an unblock service – they are free of charge – someone has had you off for supposed software. If you have internet – all is free.

  54. It seems they relocated to 28,52 east, whereas they were before at 28.2 east—it s funny for the Olympics BBC could be seen–now they hide again!!!

  55. [quote]The simple truth is that there are many UK expats all over the world who want to watch UK TV. So why doesn’t SKY create another payable service to enable them to watch it? Do they insist UK TV must only be watched in UK? Internet is worldwide so SKY should adopt a realistic, ‘modern’ approach.[/quote]
    Look – if you cannot figure it out – then its your own fault – there are lots of ways to unblock websites without paying a penny.
    I view anything in the world free – live football – all sport – cinema – tv…. If u know what your doing then everything is available – create a media centre – go utube and ask ‘how to get free anything’ Dont pay a penny – just learn.

  56. Hi all, we had FreeSATbox, we are near Nice and have lost All BBC ITV, CH 5 and others. We have been told we need a 1.3 dish, we already have 1.2. We still get some news channels, music, God, and naff movie channels, to install a new dish will cost 650 euros, again, no thanks, will look for other solution.

  57. [quote]The footprint shown top right on the page is not that which will be used by the BBC and ITV channels. That is the Europe beam. The UK spot beam has a much tighter focus on the UK as can be seen from the SES Astra 2E UK spot beam shown footprint shown on their site.[/quote]
    I lve in southern franceon the eastern fringe of dept47Just south of us the spot beam begins to fall off sharply but we are still getting good signals on an 80 cm dish and have lost no channels.Itwas earlier possible to get good reception on a 60 and even on the small sky uk dish.looking at the spot beam footprint the current tilt adjustmentof the spot beam provides good signals in a large area of the north atlantic!,where only the fishermen are viewing!! !!!5c29g

  58. The UK spot beam is providing good coverage of a large part of the North Atlantic!!! the transponder tilt could have been set to provide somewhat better coverage for sothern Europe I think !

  59. Funny thing is, British Television works well in Britain, and Yes, most people do pay their TV license, except for a few grumpy expats

  60. I am in southern Germany on the border of Czech & Austria . We lost all BBC & ITV , I have a bush freesat box from Argos. I pay a licence fee in UK. Miffed they just took away our channels when i pay. Loathed to spend on a larger dish when many report it not working.

  61. Hello Alan, I’ve just been checking these sites. I live near Antibes, alpes maritmes, and had been doing very well since the installation of new dish when the changeover occurred in February. However Reception started to become erratic about 2 months ago. I’ve read your advice. How does one of about getting hold of the equipment. Do you think one can run the 2 systems – the freesat and the iptv box ? Thanks for answering if you have the time. ,

  62. My father lives in the south of France about half way between Toulouse and Carcassonne a little way off the A61. He lost almost all of his English TV earlier this year on a 90cm dish and Aldi sat box. He still had all the Eutelsat stuff though. The dish was upgraded to 130cm with a high quality LNB. He now has everything and the upgrade only cost 145 Euro, mail order, from a company in Villeneuve sur Lot. The downside was we had to plant a scaffold pole in concrete to mount it and set it up ourselves.

  63. Hi please forgive me for my ignorance. Ive moved to north of Rome and i am trying to work out how i can get uk sky tv here. I understand that would need a larger than normal dish to pick up the channels such has bbc etc. But for channels such as sky one and sky sports and sky movies will it work on a smaller dish, or is it the case for all uk channels through a sky decoder you need a 3m dish?

  64. No way. I live 150 km north of Rome. Before buying a very expensive 4 mt dish. Be sure you can get the signal. I doubt. It was so easy with a 90 cm antenna. Until feb 2014.

  65. Hi Alan, thanks for the info re digital aerials.
    This has nothing to do with the above but just out of interest I would like to say that from the very outset of the French open and Wimbledon, we had the most wonderful reception on all the channels Including HD which we normally never ever have in the evening. Tonight Wimbledon is over … And no reception. We’ve had a little rain but even that which we had last week gave us uninterrupted reception. Am I being paranoid of are the TV gremlins deciding when and if we should receive clearly ? I’d love to read your take on this. Thanks

  66. I live in León in the north west of Spain and have had my dish for years. It cost me a fortune so I want to still be able to use it. What do I need to get to be able to watch UK TV again?


  67. JP we live in Nimes and have lost all UK Terrestrial channels, have just paid a lot of money for a 150cm antenna. It does not work. Are you dong this via Sky subscription? Or are you just pointing at Astra 2E with a large antenna?
    Thanks, Chris

  68. I am a Sky subscriber, I have a spare 2 Meter Disk, if i go to Euro camping inTuscany next year , would I be able to receive all the sky channels that are available? If not would a larger dish solve the problem.

  69. After losing practically 100% digital, we recently had put in a replacement 1500mm (1.5m) diameter antenna, well anchored in a small concrete slab with Fischer bolts, pointing at Astra 28 but did not work! Our bloke (recommended in area Ales-Nimes) then came back to solve and he cut the tree branches in the way, got a 25% improvement according to him and now all digital channels work, although the very old Sky box(es) – we have one each of 2 small buildings – seemed to take a it of time to sort themselves out. Now have available 2 UK digital decoders not needed (French made, work fine although not as user friendly as Sky boxes), supplied in case Sky Boxes did not work. Let me know or email to talk.

  70. anyone advise me on problem..I have brought my HD box and sky card from uk to west coast of Spain (between Valencia and Barcalona).. Problem:- cant get bbc or itv but could on my old sky box earlier this year. does the box need re tethering? I have 1.2metre dish and very good signal. Thanks for any help.

    Big Roy

  71. I installed LinkTV IPTV and I’m very satisfied. I bought it because my wife wanted to watch BBC and other channels in Spain, but now I’m using it more than her. I’m enjoying the Premier League in good quality with a medium bandwidth.

  72. I had to smile at the following comment “No BBC, ITV, Channel 4. Are we in Europe ? All this talk about Human Rights, do we as British ex pats not have the human right to watch British TV?…”
    Now there’s the clear sign of a frustrated Brit. When I moved to Germany three years ago I felt the same way – except I have no problem receiving all UK channels via satellite. However, I now watch very little. Infact the programmes I watch now are mainly German a. because they are more interesting than the reality/house/cooking stuff from the UK and b. it helps me to learn German. Yes, I’m trying hard to integrate. Try unplugging the tv for a while. British tv is rubbish. I should know, I used to produce some of it!!

  73. Eurobird 1 has been substituted by Eutelsat 28A and it is at 28.2 East. So you may a little fine tuning when you point to the Astra satellites at 28.2 East. They are so close that in principle the difference in Europe is not such.


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