Car sales show signs of recovery

CAR SALES: Slight imprevement in 2013

CHINA led car sales the year the Spanish market slowly started to improve.

A staggering 17.2 million cars were sold in China during 2013, with a year-on-year increase of 17 per cent. This placed the Asian country as the world’s first car market, ousting the United States with 9.3 per cent more in sales.

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Those figures are far from these registered in Spain, which present much more humble results. In Spain, 722,703 cars were sold in 2013, according to the Spanish Car and Lorry Manufacturers Association (Anfac). This is a 3.3 per cent more than the 699,589 cars sold in 2012, and the first time sales have increased since 2010. Back then, the Plan 2000E incentive program helped boosting car sales. And it seems sales have once again improved thanks to incentive programs, as the PIMA Aire and PIVE ones have proven decisive to sales in 2013.

The PIVE incentive program specifically had four phases and saw €365 million provided to help people buy a new car. The good tendency became established in December, with 60,513 cars sold.

By brands, German manufacturer Volkswagen led the sales with 63,927 cars sold last year. It was followed by Seat (59,096 cars sold) and Peugeot, with 51,892 cars sold. The French manufacturer also led the sales in the month of December. Spaniard’s favourite car model of 2013 was the Citroen C4, with 23,837 units sold. The C4 ousted the Renault Megane (23,310 units) as the most sold model in December.  Seat’s Ibiza model rounds out this podium with 23,141 units sold. 


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