Plant of the Month: Shefflera

DWARF UMBRELLA TREE: Easy and beautiful

Looking for a special plant to spiff up winter gardening? Take a moment to consider the shefflera plant, this month’s plant of the month from Viveros Guzman nursery. Scheffleraarboricola (also known as Heptapleurumarboricolum) is a flowering plant belonging to the Araliaceae family that produces flowers in a range of colours. Gardeners might recognise it by its more familiar name, the Dwarf Umbrella Tree. It native to both Taiwan and Hainan in southern China but it is found here in Spain as well.

Growing either small or large, it works equally well as houseplant or, in milder climates like southern Spain where frost is not severe, as a convenient option for broader landscaping. And for those who weren’t born with a green thumb, the shefflera is popular for its tolerance of poor growing conditions and neglect.

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