Quick response for Benidorm

CAPTURING BENIDORM: From left, Eva Mayor, Gema Amor and Rosa Llorca.

BENIDORM has installed 21 Quick Response (QR) plaques at key points in the town. Once the plaque is scanned by a smart phone, its owner will reach the town hall’s website with details, complete with photographs from the past, about the spot where he or she is standing.

The project is aimed at both residents and tourists, said Culture councillor Eva Mayor, and gives information in Spanish, Valenciano and English.  

As well as providing information about the past, the QR plaques supply details of cultural events and services. It is important to complement Benidorm’s sun and sand offer, added Tourism councillor Gema Amor.  “Gastronomy, golf, theme parks and culture should also be included in our offer so that we are able to sell a complete package,” Amor said.


The project was overseen by Rosa Llorca from the town hall’s Culture department.  The detailed information includes photos from the municipal archives and texts that are historically accurate but “easy reading,” she promised.


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