Families with more than one child becoming a rarity in Spain


Being an only child has stopped being an isolated case to become a tendency. Three of every 10 Spanish children grow up without any siblings.

According to the “European Birth Deficit: The singularity of Spain”, from the “La Caixa” foundation report, the number of families with only one offspring is rapidly increasing in Spain. 

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The survey analyses the last Spanish women generation finalising their reproductive cycle (Born around 1965) to certificate that a high range (87 per cent) became mothers but most of them only had the first child. Only children represent a 27,6 per cent, quadrupling the number of the women born in 1940, which was a 7,4 per cent. Low birth rate is one particularity that sets aside Spain from Europe. 

The percentage of women who decide not to have children only increases from 9 to 13 percent, but the number of only children quadruples. In the last half of the century, all Europe has suffered a fall in birth rate, but Spain has had a greater decrease from their fellow countries. 


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