What happens when you swap M&S shoes for S&M boots?

Instant Whips and Dream Toppings.

AN MP with a choux fetish; a Paddington Bear with a penchant for aprons and a squirming Batman in baggy blue Batpants. These are just a few of the bizarre and humorous but true, tales that come to light in a new book written by Torrevieja home owner Jacky Donovan. 

Originally from Newcastle, Jacky was a strong student, a successful career woman and a loyal wife, before she swapped all of that for a life as a dominatrix in London in command of her own dungeon She said: “A series of unplanned events; fate led me to a fetish club and from there came my business plan to open a dungeon.”

As her alter ego, Mistress Kimberley, a high class dominatrix dressed in black leather, Jacky often indulged the strange fantasies of her clients including high profile businessmen, MPs, TV personalities and even a pregnant woman.


‘Instant Whips and Dream Toppings’ by Jacky Donovan is out now and available in paperback and E-book format from Amazon.


  1. Brilliant book. Best Domme autobiography I’ve ever read and I’ve read plenty. Loved the humour behind it Great writing style with clever wordplay, musical references. Really weird client sessions made me laugh aloud at times. Nicely contrasted with some of the heartache that came through. Highly recommend. Totally different to 50 Shades. Explicit and shocking at times but above all really good, fun read.


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