Bedwetting is more common than thought


BED WETTING amongst children is more common than is seen at paediatric outpatient’s clinics. That’s the view following the ‘Day of Urology and Gastroenterology at Paediatrics’ which saw more than 220 primary care physicians, paediatricians and primary and specialised care practitioners meet at the College of Physicians in Alicante.

Jerome Gonzalvez Piñera, chief of paediatric surgery at the University General Hospital of Alicante said bed wetting is “much more common than perceived and is under- diagnosed.”

He said children should seek care from specialists as “bedwetting creates a negative emotional impact on children who suffer with low self-esteem and can result in significant changes in her relationships with social withdrawal and even depression. We must give it the attention it deserves to help patients solve their problem.”



  1. Absolutely true. A first line treatment is bedwetting alarms. There are many alarms available in the market. Chose one with strong sounds and vibrations to wake up deep sleeper (most children are deep sleepers). My personal experience has been wonderful with the Chummie –
    My doctor recommended it for my 8-year old daughter and she has been dry for over 5 months now


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