Coffee cleans our arteries

COFFEE: Improving your health a cup everyday

A CUP of coffee can help keep arteries clean, especially if it has caffeine.

According to a recent study form the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions, coffee seems to improve blood vessels’ performance by removing obstructions in the arteries.

This study, conducted on 27 volunteers, is the first one that proves this theory. The researchers indicated that the smallest blood vessels in the organism expanded to the size of a finger, thanks to the 30 per cent increase the caffeine provided.


The study, originally performed in Ryuku, Japan, joins other research investigating the benefits of coffee, one of the most consumed drinks in the world.

Other studies proved that people who have at least one cup of coffee a day are less likely to suffer a heart attack or coronary heart disease.

“Our results give an idea of how coffee can help and improve a heart’s health” said Masato Tsutui, main researcher of the study.


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