Call for help as hail storm wreaks havoc for farmers

Hail storm

FARMERS are calling for help after a heavy hail and rain storm in the Poniente area of Almeria caused a massive amount of damage.

The storm, which lasted just one hour, affected mainly the area to the north of El Ejido where many greenhouses were destroyed and roads flooded.  The towns of Dalias, La Mojonera and Adra were also affected. Agricultural organisations Asaja, COAG and UPA have indicated that the downpour damaged greenhouses and farms over an estimated area of 250 hectares, which has led to losses of about  €32 million, estimated the Union of Small Farmers. Also, according to their estimates, 60 per cent of the roads between the farms have been damaged and around 60 kilometres of rural roads.The mayor of El Ejido , Francisco Gongora, met representatives of the Central Government, The Junta de Andalucia regional government and agricultural organisations to assess the damage caused by the storm, which affected 500 families. Andres Gongora, provincial secretary of Coag Almeria, has demanded urgent solutions that allow the affected farmers who are facing ruin to get back on their feet.


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