Pardon is revoked for kamikaze driver

Kamikaze driver was captured driving the wrong way down AP-7 by highway security cameras.

THE Supreme Court annulled a kamikaze driver’s pardon granted last December. The driver, Ramon Jorge Rios, killed 25-year-old Jose Alfredo Dolz while driving five kilometres in the wrong direction on the AP-7 in Polinya del Xuquer (Valencia).

There was an outcry when it emerged that a son of Justice minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon works for the law firm that handled the application for the pardon. 

Jose Alfredo Dolz’s family appealed against the decision to substitute the driver’s 13-year sentence for a €4,380 fine after serving only 10 months.


The reversal will come into effect in three months’ time, after which Salgado will return to prison.


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