Denia residents to decide projects


DENIA residents will have a say in what to do with €8 million.

This is the sum remaining from a regional government grant under the 2009 Plan Confianza scheme that was introduced to boost the local economy.

Initially the town hall had intended to use the funds to build a theatre and spent €1 million on plans and surveys. This project has now been shelved and instead Denia residents themselves will decide how the money is spent.


The 35 projects to choose from include a footbridge over the railway line at Avenida Juan Fuster, a new bus station, improvements at Denia Castle and turning the old Fish Market into a Tourist Office.

Voting will be carried out online only, via the Agenda Local 21 web page


  1. there is enough sun in Denia to power the whole of Spain yet
    the solar powered street lamps on Cami Corral de Calafat
    hardly produce a flicker …


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