Low Cost Airport Parking, experience peace of mind


Lowcostparking.es airport parking  opened 3 and half years ago in Alicante and since then it has flourished. 10 months ago, main manager, Bruno Tomás, decided to go one step forward and opened a second base right next to Palma de Mallorca airport. The reasons for moving himself and his family to this new adventure in the middle of this difficult crisis were: “Mallorcan residents as well as foreign residents, living on such a beautiful island like Mallorca, deserved a better, cheaper and more personalised service”. Using the knowledge and experiences learned from Alicante’s airport, still successful, they have provided their first class service to more than 250 clients, who have tried Low Cost Parking, Mallorca and showed them again that “ if you really know how, if you are friendly and efficient then an important part of the job is done.”

Low Cost Parking prides itself on the fact that more than 90 per cent of these customers have returned to use the service again. Those figures speak for themselves. To date Low Cost Parking have over 200 annual clients who have learnt that for €1,09  per day (€399’95 a year until the October 31, increasing to €419.95 from November 1) you just can’t beat the service. A whole years parking , worry free , your car-safe and totally insured and even covered parking (subjected to availability when parking in). Low Cost Parking provide a 24 hour service – you arrive – they transfer you – no waiting – a 3 minute transfer and you are on your way.Their moto is “Because you deserve a better service with better prices”.

So from as little as €3,95 € per day (€27,65 per week) for short-term parking or for long time parkers : 1 year with unlimited transfers , for only €399.95 – you can enjoy the Low Cost Parking experience and have peace of mind that your car is safe and you will have a professional fast service to and from the airport.


To get this amazing unlimited annual deal at the low price, book before November 1. They are waiting for your call!

Call now and speak to one of our fully trained English speaking  staff   971 12 69 61 / 608 395 377, 24hrs


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