Make your stingy friend pay next time you go to dinner


WE surely all have one – or maybe you even are that person – that friend who never reaches for their wallet to pay for a round of drinks or ever adds their fair share anytime a restaurant bill lands on the table.

It’s fine once or twice to be short on cash – we’ve all been there – but when a friend conveniently “forgets” their wallet at home every time you go out to dinner, it does get very irritating.

Paying our own share of a bill is hard enough in these tough economic times, but also having to pay the share of a stingy friend makes it all so much worse. For the sake of our finances, and our sanity, it’s important to put a stop to this type of behavior. But how?


Often broaching these type of sensitive topics with a friend can be a minefield. Letting them fester, however, means you are working to pay for yourself on a night out and someone else who doesn’t deserve to be treated.

A good way to approach the situation is with humour. For example, if your friend chronically “forgets” her wallet, assume that she will do so the next time you go out to dinner.

Before you leave for the restaurant, remind her with a smile: “You sure you’ve got your wallet this time?” Subtle little comments made in jest will embarrass a friend, let them know you’re on to them, and hopefully it’ll be enough for them to start taking charge of their part of a bill.

Also turn the tables on your stingy friend. Let them know how it feels having to pay for other people when of course you don’t want to. Since there have been plenty of times when you helped them out, test them and see if they’ll return the favor. “Forget” your wallet and ask them to sort you out and see what happens. It may feel unnatural, but you might discover your friend’s true colors by doing this.



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