Coolest summer Average temperatures lowest this century


THIS July and August have been the coolest this century.

The average temperature for the summer has been 24.7ºC, a little higher than the averages for the years from 1971 to 2000, which was 24.2ºC.

The State Meteorology Agency collects data at Malaga airport, and in July registered average maximum temperatures of 30.6ºC, and no more than 35ºC on any day.

August saw the temperature rise to 31.1ºC on average and ended with the province on alert for rain and storms.

The hot ‘terral’ wind, which has been felt less this summer, contributed towards the hottest day of the year in August, when Malaga city reaches 37.7ºC and Coin registered 38.4ºC. 


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