Glass curtains popular extension choice


THE property market is in recovery, yet some homeowners still experience difficulty in the current climate to sell properties in Spain. Therefore many homeowners are opting to simply extend their property rather than selling up.

For many property owners in Spain a good solution for the problem of adding more living space to houses and apartments are glass curtains.

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They are a series of inter-connecting windows or panes of glass that fit together and slide open or closed with ease. As they rarely have heavy frame-work they do not obstruct idyllic costal or country views.

One vital reason many home-owners in Spain are opting for this choice of extension is that adding glass curtains to a property does not require a building license and therefore the legality of doing so is far easier than building the framework for a larger extension.  

The other up-side to glass curtains is they can meet various requirements regarding the size and shape of a property and can be designed and adapted to fit corners, curves, arches and tricky angular features.

And of course the option of a building extensions to a flat are somewhat limited. Far more feasible to enclose a balcony.


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