Floods cause problems for Spain’s Mediterranean coastline


The heavy rains from recent storms have affected most parts of the Mediterranean coast in Spain, causing floods along the AP7 motorways from Almeria to the Costa Blanca.

According to the Spanish equivalent of the Met Office (Aemet), Alcoy has seen 28 liters per square meter of rainfall, with 24 in Alicante and record levels of 42 liters in Xabia.

Meanwhile in Vera, Almeria the rains have caused many basements and bungalows to flood. Firefighters were called out at least 7 times last night according to news providers Efe.

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The Spanish Met Office are now warning members of the public residing in the area that strong storms are expected, bringing up to 35 liters of rainfall and a 2 degree temperature drop in several areas along the Mediterranean coast.


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