Construction grows in Spain


The Spanish construction industry could be bucking the European trend and getting back on its feet after a 4.1 per cent surge in activity. Whilst the Eurozone average for the amount being constructed was down by 3 per cent in June compared with the same month in 2012, Spain was one of just three countries across the whole EU to show a rise.

The percentage of 4.1 per cent puts Spain behind only Hungary (booming with a 12.5 per cent rise) and Sweden (3.1 per cent) in the league table of construction growth presented by the EU’s statistical Office Eurostat.

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And that carries on the recovery seen in May when the Spanish building industry was 4.4 per cent busier than in May 2012. But the figures only show a percentage rise, they do not show the actual volumes of construction work

In the EU as a whole construction declined 1.5 per cent year-on-year. Worst performers were Poland (16.3 per cent down), Portugal (-12 per cent) Slovakia (-10.7 per cent ) and Czech Republic (9.8 per cent).

On a month by month basis European construction has started to grow. The EU as a whole saw a rise of 0.3 per cent from May in the Eurozone and 0.5 per cent in the EU as a whole.



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