Measures have be taken to try and solve the Gibraltar problem


Following a phone call with British Prime Minister David Cameron, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has offered to “reduce measures” at the Gibraltar border says a statement from Number Ten.

David Cameron is said to have had a conversation with Mariano Rajoy which was needed after all the problems with the border checks and the British ambassador filing a formal protest.

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Mariano Rajoy has reportedly repeated during the exchange of the Prime Ministers that the creation of the artificial reef was “unacceptable” which then caused David Cameron to express his concern over the retaliation from Spain. The border checks caused major delays for tourists as well as locals.

The move was made after Gibraltar dropped concrete blocks into the bay creating an artificial reef claiming it would encourage sea life. The latest news is that Spain is now considering a €50 fee to cross the border.

After trying to ease tensions on the phone, David Cameron took to Twitter saying: “Constructive call with Spain’s PM Rajoy. I made clear my concerns re Gibraltar and that our position on sovereignty won’t change”.

Mariano Rajoy has claimed that during the ten minutes that the two have spoken on the phone, he has come to the conclusion that the two countries should solve their disagreements with “honesty” it is reported.

One thing is for sure; both sides do not want to damage UK-Spanish relations. 


  1. The UK could of course send a gun ship if it had a navy left. It could send an army but the soldiers are now part timers. It is unlikely to send a nuclear submarine because the concrete blocks put in the sea to stop Spanish fishermen will not yet be on included on marine charts. The Royal Airforce will not be allowed into Spanish airspace so they can’t send in their bombers even if they had any with enough fuel to get there.
    The EU is its usual useful self and can’t go out to mediate until October, besides its Foreign service is headed by a Brit – Mrs. Ashton whose probably on a holiday / diplomatic delegation to somewhere nice, warm and very comfortable. Even if she isn’t on holidays why in the name of God would she want to go to Spain at the moment?
    The 2 Prime Ministers are clearly both an absolute waste of time as allegedly is the Spanish Foreign Minister, so there is no point in sending Hague as there is no one worth his while visiting.
    Obama could now step in as he is not going to see Putin because he has thrown his toys out of his pram over the World’s latest hero Edward Snowden who told us all the blindingly obvious that are spying agencies are in fact doing their jobs and gathering intelligence to prevent us all being attacked by home grown terrorists.


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