Story of a survivor in Galicia


“Accident. I don’t know if I will get out. I am suffocating. Crushed.” These are the whatsapp messages sent from Susana Relaño of 46 years-old to her husband as she lay in the ruins of the train accident in Santiago.

Her husband was waiting for her in A Coruña and when he had received these messages, he told the train station straight away. They still had not heard any news that the train had derailed. However, five minutes later, his wife sent him a message saying that she was saved.  

 Arcadio, Susana’s husband tells of how they were the longest five minutes of his life and that she has already been sent home from La Rosaleda de Santiago hospital with a few scratches on her legs.


They still cannot believe it. The only evidence that she was there is the bloodstained handbag she had with her. It is a miracle she survived when 78 other died. They are going to celebrate that she has survived in Santander this weekend, it is almost like she has been reborn they have stated. 


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