Breton sentenced to 40 years

Jose Breton

JOSE BRETON, has been sentenced to 40 years in prison by Cordoba Provincial Court for murdering his two children.

Ruth, six, and Jose, two, were reported missing by their father on October 8, 2011, in Cordoba.

Breton claimed that they had been snatched from a local park, but his story and his behaviour soon made the police suspect he was involved.


He was arrested 10 days later and has been in prison ever since.

The children’s remains were found on a bonfire at a property belonging to his parents. An initial report said the remains were not human, but a later report in September 2012 claimed the opposite.

Although the bonfire was so hot it destroyed DNA evidence, other circumstances point to him having killed the children. It is thought he drugged the children first.

After more than 100 people had testified during the case, Breton was given a chance to speak and once again, claimed that he was innocent.

However, the people’s jury found him guilty of murder after deliberating for three days.

Breton can appeal the sentence in the Andalucian Supreme Court of Justice, and his lawyer has said that he intends to do so until he is acquitted. He claims that the bone remains on which the case has been based are not the same fragments which were initially found on the bonfire. 


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