At last, bar noise payment agreed!


COMPENSATION awarded to residents over noisy bars in El Copo will finally start to be paid after a five year wait. Velez-Malaga town hall will pay out €2.7 million still owed in installments over the next 15 years.

Fernando Delgado Bonilla, mayor of Velez-Malaga, explained that the money awarded to the 18 residents of the Ipanema area in Torre del Mar in 2008 will be paid starting this month.

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The residents had gone to court to demand compensation from the town hall claiming the council had failed to control noise from bars and other establishments over a period of 13 years.

The Andalucian Supreme Court of Justice has approved his proposal to pay €90,122, every six months, thus avoiding too much drain on the coffers of the council. This will mean an annual expense of €180,000.

The compensation was awarded in the ‘Ipanema Case’ in July, 2008.  Each resident was awarded €156,260, a total of €2.8 million, but because the amount still has not been paid in full, interest was added. Together with court costs the council now has to pay out a total of €4.8 million.


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